140711 Henry 헨리 ‘Fantastic’ [English Lyrics]

Henry Fantastic lirik

Credit: SMTOWN

Yo girl you’re fantastic (you know that)
You make me fly

I was so immature
A child, who didn’t know what love is
I always won in this strange game of love
I was never even serious
I was always too proud

But you make me wanna be a better man
You make me reborn into a real man
You, who called my name
The fantastic you
The reason I chose you
Is because you’re the biggest gift in my life
Because you lift me up high
It’s gonna be fantastic

It’s gonna be really great, be excited
It’s gonna be fantastic
I’ll give you the world and more
It’s gonna be fantastic

I was like a swirling hurricane
Not even knowing myself
I only ran forward
But the very precious you came into my arms
Like a hot and small comet
You melted my frozen heart


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Tentang rani_elf

Saya menyukai drama korea.. Bias kyuhyun... :)
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