140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with Super Junior [Transcripts]

Compilation: 140703 MBC ShimShimTapa with DJ Shindong & Super Junior

SD: You have makeup on? KH: I just performed the musical Singin’ In the Rain

SD: we gave away the tickets last week too KH: oh many tickets must be left over ㅋㅋㅋ

RW: Sukira staffs are eating out right now and- Members: why do you guys eat out together so often!?

Kangin: stop drinking so much! Ryeowook: I don’t drink ㅋㅋ I only eat. Members: that’s even weirder!

Donghae doing freestyle rap to introduce his drama~

EH: Donghae-ssi knows the medical vocabularies the most out of us, because he eats so many medicines. SD: Vi-ta-min~ EH: Vie-ta-min~

SD told Hae to try saying medical vocabularies and DH said he doesn’t know them because he just spits the lines out and forgets about them

Ryeowook has to leave at 1 to go to eat with Sukira staffs~

KH: (makeup shop) staffs…

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Saya menyukai drama korea.. Bias kyuhyun... :)
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